Workshops Levels

When you register, choose the track that seems the best fit for you. If you would like to take Track A, Track B or the Master Track, you must attend the Saturday morning track placement. Some people may be shuffled between levels during this time.

Track A

You've got a solid grasp on basic 6- and 8-count patterns and are comfortable mixing and matching them while social dancing.

In this track, you will dig deeper into the connection and stretch that makes these moves work and expand your vocabulary.

Track B

You have a full arsenal of moves and you're comfortable and confident using them to create a well-balanced, musical dance with your partner on the social floor.

This track will help you delve into your musicality and get nerdy about communicating with your partner.

Master Track

You're Track B material with a little something extra.

Students chosen during the Saturday morning placement to participate in the Master track will split the day between taking classes with Track B and getting 4 hours of small, focused group classes with our instructor teams.

The Master Track will be capped at 26 people and will be offered at no additional fee!


Beginner Track

New to dancing? Our dedicated instructors will help you go from 0 to 60 in this dedicated beginner track. Consisting of two, 2-hour classes, 2-4pm Saturday and Sunday, this track is designed to get you on your feet and comfortable on the social dance floor, this is the perfect place to start your dance journey.

Add Ons

In addition to teaching our main workshops, our instructors will be teaming up to give you 4 options for Add Ons! These classes are open to anyone but will be capped, so register as soon as possible to reserve your spot! Better yet, reserve two and get a deal!


Option 1 - Teaching: Advice and Training
Ann Mony and Jenny Shirar share their hard-earned wisdom, over years of experience, on what makes a good lesson and a great teacher.

Option 2 - Musicians on Musicality
Not just great dancers, seasoned musicians Ryan Calloway, Christian Frommelt, and Jon Tigert share how this informs their dancing and how to incorporate musicality into your dancing.


Option 1 - St. Louis Shag
We couldn't have Jenny and Christian come to RVA without sharing the dance their city is known for! Learn this fun dance, straight from the source!

Option 2 - Choreography Methodology
Well-known for their unique and entertaining choreography Ann and Ryan share their creative process, their approach to choreography from start to finish.